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Local Music Spotlight - Tony Soul Project

What is the Tony Soul Project?  It is a unique blend of stylistic musicians from diverse backgrounds, melded together to provide Soul Music, yes Soul Music. James Brown, Otis, Wilson Pickett, Al Green, Stax & Motown. I grew up with it in the mean streets of Boston, where I would hang out and marvel at live music and the SHOW. Being a kid from the burbs, born in Milford, raised in Framingham I found soul music just too hard to resist. I blew all my free money on these 45rpm records at Big John's Record Shop right next to the Intermission Lounge where I eventually ended up playing as a nineteen year old. Then the tragedy. My best friend and lead guitar player John Smith was killed in a high speed pursuit on route 128 coming back from a gig and I quit, cold for 42 years. By chance, I got back into music at the ripe old age of 64. Nothing has changed. We are doing the some music, spiced with some updated material and the number of shows and our following in various areas of Massachusetts has made this a very worth while re-entry into the local music scene.

The Tony Soul Project members are:

MATT SAMBITO - Lunenburg, MA, bass and vocals. Matt is a seasoned veteran of many blues and country bands in Northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. His effervescent personality makes old Blue Shoes a fan favorite. As well as being a rock steady musician he also has band leader qualities. Matt is the proud owner of "Stinky" the Wonder Dog and the official dog of TSP.

KEVIN AUCOIN - Northborough, MA, multi horn player. A graduate and teacher at the Berklee School of Music, Kevin provides exactly what the Project needs to make our soul music go. His lyrical solos are flawless. Kevin also plays in a 24 piece band at Birdland in NYC on various Monday nights. He is a real treasure and we are honored to have him.

PHILLIP DELAINE - Tyngsborough, MA, drums. A powerhouse drummer in the style of Buddy Miles. Another veteran of the Northern, MA/Southern, NH scene, Phil has played mostly rock and funk over the course of his illustrious local music career. We have worked together recently in The Power of Soul, a Jimi Hendrix tribute band and now solely committed to The Project. We call Phil the bus driver. Nuff said. He makes us go.

MICHAEL KALENDERIAN - Mike K, Iggy Mohawk - Lancaster, MA, lead guitar and vocals. This cat just doesn't know how good he is. His solos are outstanding. He is a rock. He loves doing soul music and has an extensive background playing in various R & B bands over the years. You will not meet a nicer man.

BOB CRAMER -  Wayland, MA, electric and slide guitar. Bob is the reason this band exists. It was Bob's phone call to me in Novenber of 2012 that he had sold a business, was bored and wanted to play music. We started the Tony Soul Delta Blues Project which morphed into the current TSP. Bob is another rocker with amazing talent and intelligence (rare quality). Bobby took up playing slide guitar 14 months ago when we started TSDBP as the Delta was our focus back then. We call Cramer, the Consigliere. Mississippi Bobby, a cool cat.


The band has played all over Massachusetts: Chicken Bone Framingham, JJ's Northborough, Beatnik's/Worcester, Greendale's/Worcester, Black Sheep/Sterling, 140 Rendezvous/Sterling, Acton Jazz Cafe, Liz's Diamond/Hopedale, Bolton Street Tavern/Marlborough, Morse Tavern/Natick, The Center Bar and Grill/Worcester, Smoken Joe's/Boston, Marina Bay/Quincy. The Next Page/Weymouth, T CNote/Hull, The Red Onion/Gardner, McNally's/Westminster, The Iron Horse/Fitchburg, Hot Shotz/Leominster, Celley's/Lynn, Brodies Seaport/Salem