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05 / 08 / 2017
  - 06:11:41 PM
Milford Selectmen Discuss Marijuana Zoning

By MyFM's Rick Michaels - The retail sales of recreational marijuana will be discussed tonight when the Milford Board of Selectmen meet and following the Planning Boards’ unanimous vote last week to move ahead with a proposed zoning amendment restricting where “Pot Shops” will be able to set up.  Once the recreational sale of Marijuana is allowed, the earliest time is still more than a year away.  Such facilities will not be allowed in just a short stretch of downtown Milford.  They will be able to open in industrial zones along with some other areas with a special permit.  Also on the agenda tonight, Milford Selectmen will talk about a referendum asking voters how they want the town to deal with Marijuana Sales in town when the board meets at seven o’clock tonight at Town Hall.