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05 / 17 / 2017
  - 04:45:58 PM
The Boston Celtics Have the First Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft

By MyFM's Jake Archer - Last night, the dreams of Boston Celtics fans everywhere were realized when the ping pong balls finally bounced the right way and the C’s were awarded their first ever #1 overall draft pick. The night that fans have been patiently waiting for while checking Brooklyn Nets box scores and scouting college prospects finally came. Danny Ainge’s vision is coming together.

The night was not without drama however, as the top three picks came down to Boston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. It seemed like a replay of last year when the Celtics ended up getting pushed out of the top two. Everyone from those three cities was on the edge of their seats as the third pick was announced. It was Philadelphia and fans in Los Angeles and Boston exhaled.

Now, guaranteed a top two pick, both franchises could sit a bit more comfortably. It was time to get greedy though and it was time to get the best pick with the highest value. Amazingly, Boston got it over Los Angeles. It was an amazing feeling as a fan to see that happen. Now, we need to figure out what we are going to do with it.

The consensus top two prospects in this year’s draft are Markelle Fultz of Washington and Lonzo Ball of UCLA. There is a lot to like about each of them, but Fultz would probably be the way the Celtics will go if they do indeed use the pick. The funny thing I see out a lot of right now though, is fans acting like the Celtics using the pick and taking Fultz is a foregone conclusion. That is far from the truth.

Knowing how the C’s front office operates, they will take a look at every possibility. I could see them taking Fultz or Ball or even trading the pick for a proven superstar. In fact, I kind of want them to trade it for a proven superstar.

The only roadblock right now is that Lonzo Ball wants to play for the Lakers and his father, LaVar, is insisting he will only work out for his hometown team. It’s annoying and disrespectful to a great franchise in Boston and I hate how they seem to want to do business. Regardless, they’ll probably be the first two off of the board and we’ll have a rivalry with young stars in Boston and Los Angeles. That could be an exciting matchup for years to come.