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05 / 17 / 2017
  - 01:41:28 PM
The NBA Draft Lottery Preview

By MyFM's Jake Archer - Well, if you can’t get enough Celtics you’ve come to the right place. After last night’s thrilling Game 7 win over the Washington Wizards, the C’s will have an arguably bigger night tonight at the NBA Draft Lottery. If you don’t know by now, when the Celtics traded Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets a few years back, the Nets decided to give us all of their future draft picks. Just kidding, not all of them, but a lot of them.

Anyway, the Nets stink and finished with the worst record in the NBA so the Celtics, owning their draft pick, have the best odds in this year’s NBA Draft Lottery. I say odds because unlike in the NFL, the worst team doesn’t automatically get the best pick. In the NBA, there is a lottery with ping-pong balls that may of may not be fixed. However, as a Celtics fan you should know by now that these draft lotteries never go the C’s way. Even with amazing odds, I’m scared and I’ll be on the edge of my seat. I’ve conditioned myself to believe the Celts will miss on getting a top 2 pick while the Lakers will somehow draw number one overall.

I just wanted to go over some of the teams that are in for an exciting night tonight and talk about who I think will have their franchise changed forever by either a stroke of good luck or a crushing, debilitating bounce of the ping pong balls.


I mean, obviously this is huge. The Celtics have always missed out on what they want in the lottery but yet there is still quite a bit of hope for something different this year. It’s amazing what Danny Ainge has done with this team and how he has rebuilt them while keeping them as a contender. I mean, one night they may get a great draft pick and then the next they’ll be in the Eastern Conference Finals. They have a 25% chance at the #1 overall pick and a 64.3% chance to land in the Top 3.

This is a deep lottery full of good players, but only one or two sure things. So in this draft you really want to be Top 2, but the Celtics have the possibility of falling to as low as four. That is the nightmare scenario because that pick won’t have any studs and it will be way less attractive on the trade market.


The Celtics west coast rival that is now being run by Magic Johnson may have the most at stake tonight. They absolutely need to fall in the Top 3 tonight otherwise they will lose two draft picks. Their 2017 first rounder would go to Philadelphia and their 2019 first would go to Orlando.

But, this is the Lakers, the NBA’s favorite franchise. A Los Angeles kid with star power who wants to play for the Lakers is probably getting drafted first overall. The league desperately wants this team to be relevant again. They aren’t falling out of the Top 3 and they’ll probably get #1. That’s the way of the NBA.


I included the Suns because they have the third best lottery odds tonight. That is literally the extent of what matters about them. The Suns are boring.


The Pelicans will have to give their pick to the Kings unless it falls in the Top 3 because of the DeMarcus Cousins trade that doesn’t look so hot right now. If the Pellies do get that Top 3 pick on what is a 4% chance, Sacramento might just riot.


Besides the Lakers, there is no other team I am rooting harder against tonight. They’ve had way too many high picks and have shamelessly tanked to get them. They already have the fourth best odds, but those increased when they swindled the Kings in a trade for a pick-swap. Now, the Pelicans can choose to just take over the Kings pick which will be infuriating when it happens.


If there are any basketball gods, they won’t let the Kings have anything good happen to them tonight. They simply don’t deserve it because of how poorly they run their franchise. They have the eighth best odds but they have bungled their whole operation by giving the pick-swap to Philadelphia. They’ll just need to hope the Sixers get a better pick then them I guess. Luckily, they’ve got the Pelicans pick to probably fall back on.


The Knicks are such a downtrodden franchise at this point that I don’t think many of their fans will even tune in tonight. They have the seventh best odds, and a 5.3% chance of landing #1 overall. But even if they do somehow win the lottery, I think they’d find a way to mess it up.




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